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Amount Deducted but order not confirmed

The amount is deducted from bank but order is not confirmed in your bucket.

Txn Date 25/05/2015 15:43:23

Value Date 25/05/2015 Ref Cheque No 84352 


Debit Amount 293.18 Credit Amount 0 Running Balance

My email id-

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Please send the mail to a please quote your order id.

amount has been deduced from my account but my order has been not confirmed till now. but in my account the PAYMENT AWAITING has displayed. what i need to do ???

I have place a order  (order number : 909914) 2 days ago. I got a confirmation mail from the payment gateway that it was successful and transaction confirmation mail from my bank but still the status says awaiting your response. I haven't received any mail from the payment gateway or print bucket for any clarification. No idea whats happening. Can someone assist.


Your order has already been shipped on 21-07-2016. Please check your email inbox for the tracking details. Your PrintBucket account has already been updated with the tracking information.

Please intimate your order id.

I've placed an order on the 20th of july 2016. Amount has been deducted but there's no confirmation from the company. Am i getting the order or the money back?

Please raise a ticket by sending your email to . Please do mention your order id.


Please confirm about the quality of the print ordered before proceeding.

Dear Shivani,

     Your payment has been received and the order status has been updated.

Your order has been delivered to the correct address. It is clearly mentioned in the tracking detail email that kindly wait for 24 hrs. For the correct information to appear in courier, company website.

I ordered a customised tile but it dint get shipped to bangalore as i specified insted it shipped to jammu is there another shipment dat will take place ? My mails werent returned and im worried if my order will reach me at all?
Grt..thanks Rajiv! Appreciate it..
I don't recall the no. but I have also dropped a mail on the service email as that my issue was resolved on same day... You can refer to the mail sent by me with transaction details... Thanks
Oh alright..thanks..can share the customer care no. cudnt find it on d site..
I have called them and shared the details of payment deducted through my bank account. They have confirmed my order over phone and later updated the status.
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